13 Liminal Nights

At Liminal Earth, we prepare for Halloween all year long. It’s the most liminal of all the holidays, first of all.
And second, it’s just awesome. Do we have to say more? But there’s just one big problem:

It’s too damn short!

Only one night where we get to wear costumes, and stay out late eating candy from strangers? Are you kidding That’s why we’re unveiling the new and improved Halloween Super-Holiday: THIRTEEN LIMINAL NIGHTS. And you’re invited!

That’s right, for the same low, low price* (*zero), we will grant you access to thirteen amazing nights of mystery, spooky feelings, and highly-weird adventures.

All you have to do is:

  • Follow us on Twitter, or
  • Check back on this page every day between Oct. 25th and November 6th, 2019 for instructions on how you help #makehalloweenlonger.

Learn About Each Of The 13 Liminal Nights

Oct 25: All Explorers Day

Oct 26th: All Musics Day

Oct 27th: All Ferments Day

Oct 28th: All Sorrows Day

Oct 29th: All Mysteries Day

Oct 30th: All Protections Day

Oct 31st: All Sprites Day

Nov 1st: All Elders Day

Nov 2nd: All Animals Day

Nov 3rd: All Plants Day

Nov 4th: All Offerings Day

Nov 5th: All Messages Day

Nov 6th: All Silence Day