All Silence Day

November 6 – All Silence Day

Today, the final day of 13 Liminal Nights, we Enter the Hypogeum in Silence.  
The Silence symbol quite literally means silence, so be quiet, and LISTEN.
A Hypogeum is a vast, subterranean ritual space, both internal and external– it’s a Liminal Space that acts as a conduit between the world of spirits and the world of the senses. It’s the source of the Life Force, and the place to which it returns when all has been completed. It looks different to each one of us, and each of us can access it in our own way. This is one possible way to enter the Hypogeum; you may know a different method that uses terms and concepts more familiar to you. 
The entrance to the Hypogeum can only be opened (by a human entity) in an ‘in-between state’: dusk, dawn, half-way between sleep and wakefulness, etc. (The denizens of the Hypogeum can open it from either side according to their own rules (we don’t get to know them).) 
On All Silence Day, we enter the Hypogeum as we’re drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow, when we’ve emerged from our celebration, we will share the stories, myths, visions, or experiences we found therein.
To enter the Hypogeum: 
In an in-between state, visualize an opening to a ‘dark place.’ Could be a cave, could be a temple, could be a closet, could be a ‘fairy house’ or a ‘mall fountain’– whatever ‘entrance’ works for you.
Listen closely until you start hearing a faint ringing noise within. The noise will become a two-syllable ‘word.’
Repeat that word in your head. It may not mean anything, but keep repeating over and over.
As you repeat the word, maybe you will drift into the darkness of your place. We call this the Hypogeum. 
A series of colors will appear. 
Remember that word and that series of colors: they are your ‘key’ to the Hypogeum. They’re yours, and yours alone. They won’t work for anyone else. “The door to the Hypogeum will open for everyone, but each of us needs our own Key.”
Drift into the Hypogeum and see what happens next. What do you see there? What bubbles up? 
We hope you’ve enjoyed these 13 Liminal Nights, and found some value in this practice. At Liminal Earth, we’re always looking for ways to remythologize our landscapes, both outer and inner, and are pleased to offer this little ritual cycle to anyone interested in joining in the fun. Above all, be sure to be kind to yourself and to others, and let us know if this worked for you. Don’t forget to check out our crowdsourced map of Liminal experiences at Liminal.Earth, and add your own!

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