All Sprites Day

Oct 31 – All Sprites Day

If The Vernow didn’t get you last night, you’ll want to be sure to avoid The Memlen today. The Memlen are difficult to explain, but decidedly sinister; when the Memlen symbol appears during divination, one must conclude the reading immediately, as it implies that the diviner has drawn the attention of the Memlen, and they are approaching.

  • The Memlen are scary. They are said to steal children, to curse pathways, to obstruct plant growth. Memlen could replace sap with ink, or cause rain to fall that never puddled, or granted eyesight to the blind but only a single color.
  • The Memlen cannot be detected. Said to be smaller than the smallest grain of pollen, it’s possible to conceive of Memlen as what we might think of as “microscopic” entities. As microorganisms to the human biome, so Memlen are to “spirits” — but with far greater license and self-determination. Some say the Memlen speak in a language which can be ‘seen.”
  • The Memlen are unbound by form. A mysterious black drink offered by a human-sized pigeon, labelled “MEMLEN Elven Cola.” An exact replica of a constellation which appeared ten thousand years prior. A mask, scented with perfume, containing a single feather. A table. An acorn.
  • The Memlen are generative forces. It wouldn’t be correct to claim that the Memlen are malevolent by nature. Instead, they forge paths that humans simply can’t explain or conceive of. In some old tales, they are even said to have benefited those deserving of assistance by generating positive momentum

Every member of Middle Quatrian society received a special whistle upon coming of age, with which they could defend themselves if beset by Memlen in dark places.

Memlen north and memlen south; Memlen east and memlen west. Keep a whistle in your mouth If you’d fain avoid this pest. — Early Quatrian Folk Rhyme

Today, while out and about– ESPECIALLY while trick or treating– we carry a special whistle to blow if we feel beset by Memlen. Otherwise, there’s not a lot we can do if they decide to close in on us….

Share a picture or video of your whistle using the hashtag #13LiminalNights. 

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