All Elders Day

Nov 1 – All Elders Day

Congratulations, we made it to the other side. The first half of the 13 Liminal Nights represent the Hours of Questioning. We have passed through the curtain and will now give back in the Hours of Answerings.  So that’s cool.
Today is Anthuor’s day! Anthuor is one of the primary spirits in Quatrian mythology, who manifests as an enormous stag whose antlers are plants. Anthuor helps us withstand whatever challenges we may be facing, and Anthour’s day reminds us that we have persevered. We have been released from the power of the House of Sorrows and the malice of the Memlen.  We are now being led on the wide path through the forest under the boughs of Anthuor’s protection.
Today we honor the ancestral sources from which we have come, and the ability of the Life Force to Withstand. Call in a lifeline and listen to the elders in your life this day; take note of what wisdom they share with you. Traditional customs for All Elders Day include:
  • Drinking tea with an “Elder

It doesn’t have to be tea, it can be any ritual beverage or libation. We recommend Elderberry.

“Elder” is subjective, typically an older relative, but could also be an older member of the community, a favorite boulder or tree, or a place in your township with very old things (a monument). It could also be an ancestor or teacher who was important to you or your family, whose picture or stories you have.

Traditionally, the drink contains seven drops of either melted snow, rainwater, or dew collected from the leaves of a hawthorn tree, but this is totally optional.

  • Creating antlers out of branches and wearing them while meditating.

Helmoquinth, Anthuor! We hope you’ll share your All Elders Day activities with us on social media using the hashtag #13LiminalNights.

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