All Messages Day

All Messages Day

Although “Maiden” conjures to mind a variety of different mythic/folkloric images, from Herodias to the Disney princesses, the Quatrian “Maiden” has very little similarity to our understanding of the concept of “virginal innocence” so often described in post-Diaspora literature.

In Quatrian tradition, to be a “Maiden” meant that one had an abundance of “Life Force,”  what Quatrians called your “vimna.”  For this reason, the Maiden was seen as a powerful instructor when it came to matters of the Hypogeum. In fact, she is something of a conduit between the Hypogeum and the world. The Maiden is Living Information– both the messenger and the message.

The Quatrians didn’t see her in the “virgin/mother/crone” way we portray our “divine feminine” (that was the Triangulons). They saw her in a Fourth Way: whatever way she chose. She could manifest as an unmarried girl, but could also appear as a bearded fisherman, or one of Mavani’s large guinea hens. The point was, the Maiden got to decide.

Today, we ask The Maiden questions, and seek her advice for the coming year. She may deliver her messages through signs and wonders, through dreams, through divinatory tools, or via more mundane methods like a letter from a friend. You can also reach out to a friend and send a letter, or make a call.

She may also deliver her messages through the Oracle of the Hypogeum! We are pleased to announce that we are making this mysterious and ancient divinatory tool available to the public.

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