We’re having a contest!

We want your POSITIVE weird stories!

There’s enough horror and terror in the news cycle, so we want your stories of wonder, humor, and awe. We’re looking for stories of nice ghosts, friendly frog-men, time travelling magicians, awe-inspiring deer encounters, and (sure why not?) dogs wearing human shoes!

That’s not to say if you’ve had a frightening encounter that we don’t want to hear that story too (please, please submit those stories). However, to be eligible for this specific contest we’re looking for stories that remind us that the world is capable of wonder and mystery. We desperately need more positive weirdness in our lives to help us withstand the seemingly endless barrage of meaningless cruelty. So, let’s hear what you got!

Here are a few examples from the map of the kind of thing we’re talking about:

To enter, submit your positive paranormal story to the map by July 31, and mention this contest in the text. Submissions are accepted at https://liminal.earth/submit/

We’ll judge submissions based on our own arbitrary criteria, and award the TOP THREE submissions the following FABULOUS prizes!

1st Prize: Your very own ORACLE OF THE HYPOGEUM card deck!

2nd Prize: A Liminal Earth/Society for Liminal Cartography Face Mask!

3rd Prize: Your story will be featured in our next newsletter!

So what are you waiting for? Submit your story today. Winners will be notified the first week in August. Don’t miss out!