Liminal.Earth is a map of extraordinary events and places around the world: everything from ghost & entity encounters, to strange animals sightings, UFOs, portals, local legends, and more!

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We are looking for true tales of the strange, wonderful, unusual, & unexpected and the geographical locations where they occur. To be considered for inclusion, your submission should meet the following criteria:
  • Genuine/authentic tales only 
  • First-person reports strongly preferred 
  • Unconventional & ‘high weirdness’ encouraged, as is ‘spooky nature stuff’
  • Historical tales welcome, though under-represented/unknown preferred
  • Tales from any cultures welcome, so long as are respectful, and avoid appropriation
  • Don’t include anything disrespectful or mean in submitted stories (won’t be published)
  • Don’t include exact private locations or personally identifying information in text of submitted stories (will be removed or edited before publication)
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