Lucerne Valley Mirage Gas Station

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While driving through the desert with my grandmother, our a/c went out in her 2001 Honda Passport. It was incredibly hot. I am from North Carolina, and was in California for my cousin’s High School Graduation. In 2008, I was a High School Junior. (I had just returned from a fishing trip in Red Lake Ontario, before heading out to California. While in Canada I spent some time with some local indigenous folk. For two weeks I drank a type of local Root Beer with them. It was the best I’d ever had in my life. I consider myself a Root beer Connoisseur.) With our a/c broken and no beverages to quench our insatiable thirst, we decided to look for a gas station. Our GPS showed ZERO gas stations around. Suddenly, a building appeared before us. It was a small building with an old timey gas pump out front. The building itself was made of stones, smoothed out by years of flash floods. Inside the building was a single beverage stall. Inside the stall was a selection of bottled waters, and THAT INDIGENOUS CANADIAN ROOT BEER! Needless to say, I was so happy. Nothing seemed off about the store clerk or anything. I just couldn’t believe I found this special root beer, in the desert of all places!. We continued on and went to my cousin’s graduation. Afterwards, I decided we would drive back using the same route so I could buy all of the remaining root beer. I just had to bring that magical beverage back home to NC with me. I drove up and down this rural desert road 3 times. The stone gas station wasn’t there! I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I had taken a wrong turn I thought. No way. There was only one road! I have since been back to the area 3 times. I literally asked every local I ran into about it. I always received the same answer. THERE IS NO STONE GAS STATION!

Submitted by Luke C.