Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a Liminal Ambassador.

Robert Patten, first Liminal Ambassador for Seattle

This Noble Calling necessitates a keen mind, a sharp wit, and a willingness to embrace the weird. Our goal is to have Liminal Ambassadors in as many places as possible, so we can create one great network of Cartographers, helping us track the Strange. If you’d like to help represent your Zone (city, state, biome, nation, etc.– you tell us), check out the requirements below:

Requirements for Ambassadorship:

1. Familiarize yourself with our Submission Guidelines and our Frequently Asked Questions.
2. Take the Liminal Census.
3. Submit at least one story or location for your region.
4. We strongly suggest becoming an official member on patreon (it’s only US$1).

Once you’ve done so, let us know at info @ liminal . earth or Twitter DM!

Ongoing duties of an official Liminal Ambassador

1. Work towards adding at least one map entry per month for your area (yours or someone else’s).
2. Consistently encourage friends or acquaintances to supply spots in your region.
3. Post in social media groups in your area soliciting more stories to add to the map. Within reason, you’re welcome to share your own work if you have a website/podcast/etc.
4. Adhere to the spirit of our Guidelines, as well as the Universal Free Realm Standard Protocols– aka “don’t be a jerk and bring undue shame upon the Society.” Membership IS revocable at our discretion.

Benefits of Liminal Ambassadorship:

1. A spiffy member I.D. Badge.
2. Access to Liminal Ambassador secret chats.
3. A snazzy title of our choosing (ex. Head Archivist, Master Measurer, Compass Holder, etc.)
4. We’ll promote your work.
5. You’ll be part of a growing paranormal super-team.

We’re also amenable to having multiple Ambassadors in one Zone.  If you fit the bill, or would like to, contact us by DM on social media, or via our online contact form. We’re flexible and reportedly pretty nice, so even if you haven’t met all of the requirements, let us know you’re interested. Let’s have fun and share our weird stories!