Weird Figure in the Weld Shop

…My one coworker had already went home early and the other was in the machining shop talking to another coworker. I was alone. ALL shop fans were off, ALL welding machines were off so it was library quiet. ALL 3 doors to the weld shop were closed tight. It’s very bright in the weld shop due to the floured lights Yet something/someone dark dark green ducked down very QUICKLY behind a portable green Welding Curtain….

Uncanny Energy Biped

…Then a small, somewhat solid yet still energized in form appeared on the ground; about the size of an adult raccoon. It grew as I watched, to about 6 or 7 feet in height, from what I could tell looking at the spot later. As it reached what seemed full height it still wasn’t solid. It was almost like the black and white screen you get on a tv when it isn’t getting a signal. It was moving energy in a bipedal form….

Thrift Store UFO

It was a clear night, so you could see the stars, just about as many as you would expect to see in a city. We were only there for about 4 or 5 minutes when out of the right side of my vision I saw a super bright light in the sky. The light looked to be the shape of a four pointed star, like the classic depictions of what the North Star is supposed to look like. And when I say bright, I mean this thing looked LED. The light was moving across the sky from right to left, and relatively quickly, but smoothly. Nothing like a satellite or a plane, it didn’t have any other blinking lights to it and it made no sound at all….