11:18 Footfalls

…I fell asleep, as usual, to the sound of the 11:18 heavy footsteps. I only remember bits and pieces of my dream that took place in a great farmhouse perched upon a ridge bounded by water and distant mountains–the pattern of a Persian rug or shafts of sunlight through an orange tree swaying in the breeze. However, I find that I have been marked with a singular vision that I fear will presage things to come….

Strange Child at Magnolia Park

…He looked at me with absolutely no interest, not really looking into my eyes, and nodded his head once. I got chills. I looked about and there was no one anywhere nearby except a couple a few hundred feet off with a baby. So I asked again, “Are you sure? You’re okay? Are you sure?” He gave me a look I can only call contemptuous and, again, barely nodded yes….