PJ Lake

…They were also, honestly and truly, scared, and it’s one of the only times I’d ever seen them that way, before or since. These big angry howls were accompanied by actual stones being thrown near the perimeter of the camp, basically just outside the firelight. We hadn’t seen any sign of anyone camping nearby us, for all we knew, we were alone in the woods that night except the local wildlife….

Good Turn Park

…Honestly, I thought maybe she was having some kind of mental episode or was in distress in some way. I got up to go check on her, and as I turned around I saw her coming into the small clearing with the table we were seated at. Not walking on the *only* path that leads into the park (total of maybe 30 feet) but straight up coming out of the bushes at us. She was staring at us like she was pissed, but not saying anything. Some of my friends kinda laughed, trying not to be rude, and continued on. But two of my other friends and I looked at each other apprehensively… at this point she begun walking in a circle around the table. I remember straight up saying “NOPE!” and breaking the circle because if horror movies have taught me anything, there’s something magical about circles….

Major Tom

…At this moment I realized that the usual sound of other people working had stopped. There was no other noise besides the sound of me working in my aisle. For the next probably 45 seconds I saw no one else in the store and heard nothing. Then the chorus jumped in at full volume….

Cellar Door

…In the basement there was a door and stairs that led to the garden and the greenhouse. The greenhouse became my smoke spot and I was sitting there on the phone with my boyfriend, when the basement door made of wood and medal that must’ve weighed well over 75lbs opened on it’s own, and quickly….