The Gnomestead

There’s a punk house near the evergreen campus in Olympia. Once called the Gnomestead, the property is situated along a semi-rural road, sandwiched between a rock quarry and a stretch of wetland. The the backyard was basically at the edge of a swamp.
I lived here for a year, between summer 2011-2012. While I saw a lot of things that just didn’t make sense, Here’s a few that are easier to describe:…

The Ghost in the Cathedral

…One 8AM mass I noticed that a tall, formally dressed older man was in the organ loft, standing next to the organ. He had on a brown suit, with a lovely matching vest, a gold chain stretched across it, which I assumed was for a watch, and a white shirt. I remember wondering who he was and where he got those clothes. The next time I looked, he was gone….

Strange Dreams at Gaines Point

…I must have sat there for only 5 minutes before I dozed off watching the ducks or geese or whatever bird was there. I don’t remember my dreams now, only that they were crazy and weird. At the time I chalked it up to minor dehydration or sleeping in the sunshine or having overly exerted myself. I had never fallen asleep on a park bench before, so that in itself was weird. The fact that I slept hard enough to dream is what struck me as the most unusual at the time….