Bremerton Ghost

…The next day I went upstairs to find all the doors wide open, even the closets, and cupboards. I called my friend in Portland who had a haunting in her house and I told her all about what happened while I was in the basement running a load of laundry. It was our first run with the washers and the wet load had to be dried. While I was on the phone a rolling chair left by the previous owners rolled across the nearly empty garage. (not all the way across, just maybe two or three feet. Just enough to get my attention…

PJ Lake

…They were also, honestly and truly, scared, and it’s one of the only times I’d ever seen them that way, before or since. These big angry howls were accompanied by actual stones being thrown near the perimeter of the camp, basically just outside the firelight. We hadn’t seen any sign of anyone camping nearby us, for all we knew, we were alone in the woods that night except the local wildlife….