Capitol Hill Books

…I and my small class of only 5 people walked around the store’s basement and the main floor before heading upstairs, once we were up we ran into two men leaving the room in the back with weird machines in their hands. I now believe it was probably a K2 meter but I’m not truly sure. We decided to head to the back because we were curious as to what they were doing and the second we stepped into the room you could feel a change, a chill, I’m not sure how to describe it. The whole room felt off and gave all of us a bad vibe….

Ford’s Theater

On two separate occasions, I was standing in the front foyer, red carpeted area of Ford’s Theatre, during my midnight shift. I caught a glimpse of a young woman, long dark blonde hair, in period clothing. A white dress, with layers, and layers down it.. As Ford’s Theatre was a Baptist Church before a theatre, I wondered if it was a wedding dress. Was this woman to be married?