Phantom Manor

I was young, maybe 5 or 6 and I remember climbing the chain link fence int he back yard, between my yard and our neighbor’s. They had a dog that I liked to watch. Only that day, it wasn’t their yard on the other side of the fence, but some place else….

Hazard Mill

…The area known as Hazard Mills has a strange energy and you have the sense of being watched the entire time. It is a nexus between roads, sandwiched between struggling farmlands to the south and west, and trailerparks and the river to the north and east….

Weird White Dogs

…My buddy and I both recall panicking; my eyes teared up (still do when I remember), and a sense of dread clutched my stomach. Neither of us spoke for a while but later confirmed feeling we needed to get away as soon as possible, like it wasn’t supposed to be happening or like we weren’t supposed to see it….