Strange Encounter in Venice

…Then one night several weeks later the traffic slowed and I took a good look towards that walkway. And I realized I couldn’t see it. Not just that it was too dark or that a car stood in the way (there were no cars in the dirt lot), I mean I couldn’t *see* it. Something blocked it. I had driven past the property by the time that registered, and that part of Pacific isn’t friendly to people stopping and backing up. Too much traffic, not enough parking to pull over, and besides, I needed to get home. I decided that I’d try to remember to give it a better look the next night, but it was actually several days before I looked again. There was definitely a gate blocking the view of the walkway, but it didn’t look like a new gate. I thought, “Well, it must have been open when I stopped here that time.”…

A Ghost in Venice

In the spring of 2001 when I was traveling with family in Italy, I had an experience with what I thought was a spirit/ghost. We were staying in an old hotel in Venice and I had just lied down to go to sleep and after pulling the covers over myself I felt a cold breeze on my cheek and she whispered my name in my ear. It was like breath on my face and it was ice cold. I froze I was so scared. It was dark and I did not see anything, but I most definitely felt a breeze and heard the voice. I have not had any similar experiences since, but I’ll never forget it.