Missing Day

…Once we were done, we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather, which we did. Mind you, we were there around a usual lunch time in the spring, around 1PM. We noticed the sun going down quicker than usual, and attributed this to be from us enjoying our time that we had just lost track of it. When the sun fully went down, we decided to leave and go back to a friend’s house. Once we got there, they were relieved to see us….

Multiple Weird Happenings

…After sundown, things get weird. I and 2 others witnessed people vanish right in front of our eyes. We were walking our dog early in the evening, when we see a man standing under a tree just off the sidewalk, in the dark, across the street, which is already sketchy. He calls out to us and says “Evenin’, how’s it going?”, and before we can answer, a car drives past in the opposite lane (so, near to us), and when it’s gone (like literally 1 second later) he is GONE. We even went to investigate the tree and area right away, and he was NOWHERE. This has happened multiple times since….


…There, I feel the urge to sit beneath the tree near the entrance. I sit for a while and observe my surroundings, looking for anything that calls to me. Just as I start to become discouraged, I decide to walk further into the cemetery. As I get further down the gravel path, I glance down and see small a bird bath statue that looks exactly like a bird bath statue I found at the thrift store a few days prior, both of them having two little birds perched on the edges of the bowl. (The bird bath I found at the thrift store happened to fall out of my cart as I was walking to my car, and obviously broke….