Salem Road Bridge

…Later on, I learned that the spot was notorious for inspiring this sort of fear, and after asking around town found that many people had only been able to cross it after multiple tries. The place inspired rumors, as well, tales of ghosts, mysterious rituals and the like….

Eldritch Horror Sounds

…There were no boats out on that side of the lake, no jet skiers, and the sound came from east/slightly south of us. The first time we heard/felt it, we moved as far towards the sound as we could- from over by the playground to out on the end of the pier/boat launch area, and we were able to record the second sound on a cell phone. The second sound left us with a deeply uneasy feeling that dissipated after we left and as we approached downtown to go home….

Missing Day

…Once we were done, we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather, which we did. Mind you, we were there around a usual lunch time in the spring, around 1PM. We noticed the sun going down quicker than usual, and attributed this to be from us enjoying our time that we had just lost track of it. When the sun fully went down, we decided to leave and go back to a friend’s house. Once we got there, they were relieved to see us….