Abandoned Town in Adams (Bell Witch)

…Sadly we couldn’t go into the church (lots of no-trespassing signs and the house next to it is occupied by the church owner). However, there were 3 buildings perfect to roam around in without any warrants. We had to crawl through the window because the doors were blocked, and when we got in there was a giant breakage in the floor. Parallel to the open floor was a doorway that was too dark for us to peer into….

Church Clapper

Yesterday, my Mother was helping a friend at her church. She was carrying in some things from the car to go through the main hall to a side/back room, and when she was walking she heard clapping, three then two claps. There was nobody else in the building at the time, and the friend was outside and met her at the door seconds later from the outside….

Shadow Man and More

…We named the entity “shadow man” because our son said he saw the shadow man walking down the hall. Our friends would also catch a glimpse of him too. My best friend’s husband was more skeptical of the other worldly side, but had seen it as well. My son said that his toys were being moved. He had a hermit crab aquarium and would find his bionical toys inside the aquarium. Fortunately, he wasn’t going through the same things we were. He said he mostly got scared seeing a shadow walk down the hall past his door…..

Paranormal Activity

We had paranormal activity at this house that started within a week of moving in. The garage door opened in the early morning hours which would wake us up. Then our dog would stand at the end of our bed and bark viscously at nothing. I had occurrences of being pinched on my leg while laying in bed, could feel an entity watching me, the door slamming closed, the window slamming closed, being held down in my bed, my husband being scratched in the middle of the night….

Uneasy Feeling

…I had this uneasy feeling that something was watching me and my dog, and though I couldn’t tell where I was being observed from, it felt very much like there were eyes on us. It was dead quiet, no cars passed through our neighborhood, no dogs barked from nearby yards, and no planes flew overhead. My dog even picked up on this uncomfortable and odd feeling – she was quick to turn around and go back indoors….

Enormous Deer and More

Wife and I was finishing our routine walk in the park and along edge of the trail approximately 25ft away from where we stood was a deer that was larger than any deer I have ever seen. I thought it was unusual because it was a white tail deer whose head was about 7 ft tail. Taller than any horse I have seen. It was very calm and did not seem to mind our presence but I felt fearful and clapped my hands to shoo it away. I researched out of curiosity and found out white tail deer are a lot shorter than 7 ft. ….