Julia Legare’s Ghost

…I ran down three flights of stairs as fast as I could and realized everybody was in the car. I asked multiple times who had been upstairs when I was getting ready. Everyone dismissed my questions and told me to forget about it. How could I. I literally saw a girl who looked nothing like my friends – yet tried to convince myself it was one of them- walk into a closet and disappear….

God’s Acre

Drive south from Columbia, into the domain of the Lizard Man, and you will eventually arrive at a spring next to a church on land deeded to God. This is still on the books, as of 2019, and has never been legally disputed. This is a place of overlapping traditions and origins steeped in rumor, the most famous of which involves mortally wounded soldiers returning after being left for dead in its waters.

Arrive today, and you will see the people of the Midlands lined up with gallon jugs at the water’s edge. Sometimes you will find small shrines, and offerings of vegetables. Whatever spirit is here, it is trusted, and has formed relationships with those who come to it….