11:18 Footfalls

…I fell asleep, as usual, to the sound of the 11:18 heavy footsteps. I only remember bits and pieces of my dream that took place in a great farmhouse perched upon a ridge bounded by water and distant mountains–the pattern of a Persian rug or shafts of sunlight through an orange tree swaying in the breeze. However, I find that I have been marked with a singular vision that I fear will presage things to come….

Strange Child at Magnolia Park

…He looked at me with absolutely no interest, not really looking into my eyes, and nodded his head once. I got chills. I looked about and there was no one anywhere nearby except a couple a few hundred feet off with a baby. So I asked again, “Are you sure? You’re okay? Are you sure?” He gave me a look I can only call contemptuous and, again, barely nodded yes….

Hell House

…One day my mom took out our dog as usual, looked up and saw a woman peering at her from the window. My mom described the woman as short, skinny, with black hair and boxy bangs. The woman disappeared quickly. My mom checked with the our landlord who lived in the main house to see if she had anyone visiting. No one was. When my mom told me about this incident I froze. The feeling of being watched I had been trying to write off as anxiety for ages. Now my mom was describing a woman that fit the image my mind would always supply me with of whoever stood in the corner of my room….