Phantom Road Rage

…The driver of this trailing vehicle started blaring the horn. BEEP! BEEEEEEEEEP! Is this an emergency? Or are they seriously road raging out right now? Whatever the case, the driver of our vehicle finds a semi-safe place to pull off the road, fearing being rear-ended or eating the ditch. Here’s where it gets really strange: no car passes us. The bright lights? Gone. Horn? Silence….

Ghost of Toyo Watanabe

…A Japanese woman named Toyo Watanabe had moved there for unknown reasons, at the time the local Japanese community in the Northern part of the city had no idea why she moved. She had her throat slashed by an unknown assailant, witnesses claimed she had been quarreling with a Chinese immigrant man who, they assumed, she had been involved with….

Unexpectedly Short Commute

I clocked out at work (actual time stamped card) and drove home. This drive was 45 min to 60 min depending on traffic. This day I got home saw the clock on the stove and got a very sick feeling to my stomach. I asked my adult daughter “what time is it”? She said the same time as on the stove clock. I paced around for a good hour freaking out. I should not have been there, it was only about 10 min since I left my work….