Nine Men’s Misery

Nine Men’s Misery is located within the grounds of the Cumberland Library, formerly Cumberland Monastery. The graves of nine men, colonists, tortured and killed during King Phillips War. People visiting the site report hearing odd screams or cries, horses galloping and the voice of a young girl. The graves themselves were exhumed a few times from medical students. Some believe that is why the strangeness started happening….

Black Rock Point

…Terrified, he began scrambling up the wet clay of the cliff face and unto the rubbery green flora that cover the tops of the bluff. He paused to catch his breath and was immediately bathed in a cone of blinding white light from above. The light obliterated the fog that had surrounded him, and peering up through his fingers to to make sense of what was happening he saw a large, dark wing gliding a dozen feet over his head, inexplicably between him and wherever the light’s source was. In those frozen seconds his mind raced—was it a bird? Could it see him? Was it coming for him? —and then he ran….