“Ahuiateteo, Help Us Please”

…One night I’m sleeping and suddenly I wake up, middle of the night, it was pitch black… my CPAP machine humming in the background. And next to me lying totally still, I hear this chanting. “Ahuiateteo… help us please- Ahuiateteo… help me please.” My wife was chanting in the dark, she was praying to some unknown god in her sleep. I sit upright and focus so I could try to figure out what she was saying….

UFO, Prophetic Dreams

A few weeks after the sighting I began to dream the future. Never anything important, but every few weeks, once a month or so, for a couple years I would have a dream about some odd everyday conversation with my family or friends, and it would come true within a few days. Like I said, never anything important: no major news stories, disasters, etc. Always just domestic stuff, but unusual/atypical conversations or events so that the dreams stood out as odd….

Pocono Bigfoot

…It was not until 10 years later that we purchased a 3 acre property and for at least two years, when I walked outside at night I could feel like I was being watched. One night or early morning while it was still dark I heard the weirdest crying out back in the woods. It was not until two years later I realized it had been the birth of a baby bigfoot crying out. It was during this period of time….