“Men in Black” Near Miss

…My primary area of interest involved those mysterious strangers that appeared in the wake of Active Paranormal Events and UFO sightings. These strangers were referred to as the Men in Black or MiB. It would be easy to discount this early research as adolescent imaginings. But adult witnesses, witnesses with no interest or familiarity with the MiB mythology, were privy to many of these visitations and my experiences….

Bobtown Time Slip

…We had many times driven through Bobtown, a nearby unincorporated coal town, for its creepy ambiance on our night drives. This night was particularly overcast & foggy so we decided to keep with that tradition, stay off the highway, and take the longer, spookier route to Pittsburgh. So we set off from Friend B’s house through Bobtown, one of us commenting that perhaps we were in the mists of Ravenloft, as the fog had suddenly become very dense! We proceeded through the town slowly, noting the almost false-seeming stillness of the town and soon after emerged…. right outside Pittsburgh….

Lodge Energies

…There’s a security camera above the bar and the video it recorded was spooky. The cork board light, according to the camera timeline, might have turned on when a ” V” shaped orb of light was caught on camera entering camera view landing on the bar…

“Ahuiateteo, Help Us Please”

…One night I’m sleeping and suddenly I wake up, middle of the night, it was pitch black… my CPAP machine humming in the background. And next to me lying totally still, I hear this chanting. “Ahuiateteo… help us please- Ahuiateteo… help me please.” My wife was chanting in the dark, she was praying to some unknown god in her sleep. I sit upright and focus so I could try to figure out what she was saying….