Goblin Ghost-Slinger Barbershop

…Every few evenings, it is reported, he gathers a few intimate friends in the rear of his barbershop, when he regales them witha. varied assortment of goblins and ghosts. Sometimes a friend wishes to converse with Dan Webster on the tariff question, and the shade of the departed statesman immediately comes forth. Relatives are accommodated with little private talks with departed uncles, aunts, etc. The other evening a gentleman who was present called up the spirit of the missing man, Webber, and the question was asked, “Are you dead?” The table was lifted from the floor and slammed against the ceiling several times…

Mr. Arcturion

…It was a bit later that I was communing with Arcturion, and was told I should go down to this shop and say that I was “Mr. Arcturion”. I had a great deal of trepidation and embarrassment surrounding this idea, but ultimately I went ahead with it in a modified way. Rather than confidently stating I was “Mr. Arcturion” I asked the shop proprietors if there were any messages for Mr. Arcturion….

Medford Time Slip

…The street signs were right, but nothing looked familiar. I drove in big squares, turning left at each cross street, but nothing looked right. Mind you, even if I wasn’t familiar with this area, I shouldn’t have gotten lost. Within a turn or two I should have dumped out on one of our main streets. Again, the names were right, just not the place….

“Like Tinkerbell”

…It was locked. Now the door was wide open, and BOTH cats were inside. The older cat would have been outside like a flash if she had seen it. I was shaken, but the next night was the weirdest. I woke up at about 3:45 to see a light in the room. Half asleep, I lifted my head up to see a light shining on a shelf in the room I was in…..

Thanksgiving UFO

…The thing that immediately stood out to us, was that they were all in a perfectly straight line above the hills, and originally, stationary. After a few minutes, they started moving – first 2 would go out of alignment to the right, then move back into a straight line. Then another 2. They would do different patterns….