Thanksgiving UFO

…The thing that immediately stood out to us, was that they were all in a perfectly straight line above the hills, and originally, stationary. After a few minutes, they started moving – first 2 would go out of alignment to the right, then move back into a straight line. Then another 2. They would do different patterns….

Ghost of Toyo Watanabe

…A Japanese woman named Toyo Watanabe had moved there for unknown reasons, at the time the local Japanese community in the Northern part of the city had no idea why she moved. She had her throat slashed by an unknown assailant, witnesses claimed she had been quarreling with a Chinese immigrant man who, they assumed, she had been involved with….

Jennings Lodge

…So, we walked along the side of the school, still hearing what sounded like an adult man calling for help. But as we walked along, we realized we could not see the car. Immediately we assumed that they had pulled into that blind spot and that scared us. If they were doing something bad, they pulled back there with intention, knowing they were out of view….

Abandoned Asylum

Street lights will constantly turn off as you get near which I hate because I walk my dog at midnight every night and it happens everytime, multiple complaints have been made but PGE said the lights are brand new and in perfect condition, now this could be a fuse yes but it could also very well be the result of some paranormal activity due to the torture patients were put through during the asylums being.