Phantom Truck at Tumbleweed Dance Hall

…My friends and I had just made it over the top of a hill, when the blinding headlights and roaring engine of one of these trucks snuck up behind us! We all jumped off the road into the ditches, so surprised by the impossible appearance of such a thundering vehicle! The truck never passed though! The headlights and engine sounds just cut out. It was dead quiet except for the hollering in the distance by The Weed. We all ran back to the top of the hill as fast as our legs would take us and looked West down the road….

Ghost-squatch and More

…Okay, jump forward maybe a couple of years. I think mid 2015. I pushed the memory of Ghost-squatch away. I was watching random Youtube videos and came across Ontario Sasquatch. At first I was like, portal jumping beings? Bullshit. A normal hominin species? Yes. But trans-dimensional beings? No. Then he talked about the Sasquatch being in the house and things moving around. BOOM! Connection. WTF? NOOOOOO! It couldn’t be?…