Ghost-squatch and More

…Okay, jump forward maybe a couple of years. I think mid 2015. I pushed the memory of Ghost-squatch away. I was watching random Youtube videos and came across Ontario Sasquatch. At first I was like, portal jumping beings? Bullshit. A normal hominin species? Yes. But trans-dimensional beings? No. Then he talked about the Sasquatch being in the house and things moving around. BOOM! Connection. WTF? NOOOOOO! It couldn’t be?…

The Big House

…my mother found me, several times, sitting on the 3rd stair from the bottom of the staircase that lead to the second floor of our house. i would be sitting there, looking up at the stairs directly above me. she said i looked like i was listening to someone talking to me, and that occasionally i would reply….

Hornet Spook Light

The Spook Light, also known as the “Hornet Spook Light” (after the nearby community of Hornet, Missouri) has been seen by people for many, many decades, long before the advent of the automobile. On this particular road, which is on the Oklahoma side of the state line, strange, glowing orbs are seen dancing in the air, particularly at night….