Driveway Bigfoot

…s we watched, the figure sank directly down, like the “person” had sank to his knees, and maybe even collapsed. The weeds in the field it was in were very high, and what we saw would have been from just above the waist, were it a person, but if it WAS a person, that would have made him about 7 feet tall….

Ohio UFO

Picked my mom up from the bowling alley. We were driving down this road and I had recently been watching UFO videos so I had the habit of always looking up. I noticed this bright orange orb that seemed close but was also floating up and down and moving in odd directions. Pointed it out to my mom and she said it was a helicopter. We pulled over and rolled down the windows but there was no noise. The orb kept moving like it did then it started moving about 3 times quicker away from us towards the local airport. Glad my mom was with me because now she totally believes.