High Weirdness Home and Cemetery

…I was never alone, although I always felt very comfortable with whatever I sensed around me. The home also had several acres of forest, and on numerous occasions I would see white animals watching me from just inside the tree lines. Several times it was a very large long-haired dog and another time it was a deer, but the animals would always be pure white and simply standing there….

Santa Sighting

…So I was admiring the stars when I saw a kind of shimmering out of the corner of my eye. I looked, and saw what I can only describe as Santa’s sleigh. It looked just like it does in every movie. It was pulled by reindeer, and it left a trail of glowing glitter behind it that faded quickly. I don’t remember if I heard sleigh bells or not….

Old K9 Spot

…I (being an amateur ghost experience) knew exactly what I had just seen and froze the moment my brain registered what I had just seen. I thought for sure that when I would look back it would be gone but when I looked back I saw it walk down the hallway it was standing next to….

Independence Day UFO

…Later on as it got dark, before the fireworks went off, me my friend and my dad saw these lights in the sky. they looked like those radio satellite lights but they weren’t blinking. I swear they slowly swirled around and broke off into more pieces before just fading away like a spark….