Tijuana Fats Restaurant

…The girl was mostly seen at children’s parties, a young blonde child in a blue dress, playful and running amongst other children, or seen hiding after hours by staff. Many new staff ran from the building at closing never to return. The bloody mary cocktail button on the bar register rung up as just “Mary” on the receipt tape. One morning at open, the staff and I found the entire receipt tape from the bar cash register scrolled out across the floor, reading “Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary” hundreds of times….

UFO Sighting

Multiple aerial sightings high up beyond atmosphere and low level just above tree top level (2000 feet or less) of fast moving 90 degree turning lighted flying machine or other unknown object. At least 20 sighting per night, perhaps 5 daytime sighting per week for approximately 2 months….

The Place of Transient Tunes and Spectres

…Two people on my investigative team have reported a tall black figure with a stove-pipe hat lingering near the front entrance inside the bar, near the ATM. He’ll stand over people and then disappear when you look dead-center in that direction. My friend, an energy worker, has been touched a couple times by what she can only describe as a dark, masculine presence….

The Ghost of the Shop

While it is owned by a paranormal team, the first time I went to an event being held here (The event was a talk about past lives and stuff), my husband kept feeling very dizzy in one of the shop rooms. He kept turning around and looking and at one point yelled “quit touching me” and turned to see no-one there.Later, we talked to the shop owner, who said the place was an old doctor’s office and the extension to a boarding home at one point. The owner said she didn’t notice anything the first couple months the shop was opened, but soon her daughter and a shop employee kept talking about a shadowy woman that stood in the corner in one of the rooms….

Brown Mountain Lights Ghost

Sitting at the picnic tables was a figure. It wasn’t sitting at a table, but on top of a picnic table. I could just barely see the outline of the figure, it was wearing a brown-ish grey hoodie, the hoodie over their head. They were curled up, knees tucked with arms wrapped around them. The figures head was down and it was almost like they were crying. I started to say “Hey, you okay?” and walked towards the figure. A passing car with it’s brights on blinded me, and as my eyes refocused, the figure was gone. I looked around, nothing. Nobody was at the picnic table area….