Jackson Heights Home

…I have plenty of stories but the two that stick out to me the most is when my mother was pregnant with me she had been sleeping in her bed staring at the ceiling. She could see the lights of a car passing through the alley way. She suddenly saw a dark shadow come through the wall over her and started to choke her. She said she started to pray and it finally let go of her. My father said he thinks it was just sleep paralysis but mother swears she wasn’t asleep….

Piercing Green Eyes

…My good friend Zach was walking down a road we call the horseshoe with our other friend sebastian at night when at the end of the road Zach notices a black figure tall as trees with what he described as “piercing green eyes”. He said as soon as he looked into its eyes he felt a insane surge of electricity run through his body and he was stuck to where he was standing….

Black Smoke/Orb

…Around 10PM at night I witnessed what appeared to be black smoke coming from an apartment building a few blocks north. I was immediately confused because it did not move like anything I’ve seen in the sky. Best way to describe the movement of this “black smoke” is like when black ink drops into water. It was swirling, moving in multiple directions, and the color of was blacker than anything I’ve seen before. After a few seconds the “black smoke” turned into a small glowing orb ….