Shadow Person

…I looked up to the hallway in front of me and could clearly see a shadowy figure of a person peeking into the bedroom. It looked like it was mostly in the hall and was peeking in with its head and shoulders visible with the rest of its “”body”” behind the wall. Its shadowy arm was held up on the door frame. It looked just like a human peering into the room as if to check if I was sleeping, but shadowy….

Football Shaped UFO

…”Hey guys, is that a star? Or, like, a helicopter or something?” They joined me in the water to check it out. We were all kind of mesmerized by the star, which not only seemed more dazzling now, but also bigger & closer. It became clear that it was not a star, but the light of some kind of aircraft. It emerged out of the night sky & flew right over us….