Lost in a Graveyard

…I managed to get her back in the car and was about to drive off when this man decided to show himself to me. He looked to be from the 1800’s and a very mean looking person. He had an ax in his hand and was about to raise that ax when I threw the car in drive and sped away. I got about 4 miles away and stopped and looked at mom she was white as a sheet. I said Mom what did you see? I know you saw him, you have never admitted to me that you are able to see spirits so why all the sudden? She said she has always been able to and never wanted anyone to know, and had shut them out for many years….

Unknown Animal Source

Numerous people in the area have seen out-of-place animals, not native to the region, accompanied by mysterious Men in Beige.

I myself was one of these people. I was in a field, with my father, when we spotted an ostrich, moving at high speed.

As we wondered what to do, and planned to take plaster casts of the three-toed footprints, a good deal of time passed.

Then, we witnessed a man in a beige “Safari-Style” outfit passing by, in an unmarked jeep with a cage on the back. He wore large aviator sunglasses and a pith helmet….