Phantom Music

…About halfway through my offering, I suddenly heard very nearby what sounded like a wooden flute. It only played one…stanza? I’m not sure of the right term, but essentially it just played a short melody, did not repeat, and did not continue into a full song….

Life-Altering Visitation

…It’s skin was smooth and grey, with a head shaped like a guitar pick, somewhat hollowed cheeks, and a slightly protruding mouth. There was no distinguishable nose or ears to my memory. The fingers appeared somewhat long. I backed my chair into my desk, trying to evade in a room where the only exit was the door with the entity my reptile brain wanted to escape, saying “no no no” repeatedly with widening eyes….

The Lost 40

…It’s a nice hike for a family with a 4 year old and a husband who has to be convinced to go in the first place. The place had a special feeling to me in general, almost dreamlike. We had a great time taking side trails and seeing where they take us before eventually making our way to the midway point. On our way back we got to a place that felt special. We had past one group earlier but there was no one around us. The sun was shining through the giant trees. I took out my phone to take a video, to capture the weirdness in the moment. I felt very deja vu like and was focusing the camera on my daughter skipping ahead. All the sudden my phone died and wouldn’t turn back on…..

Northwoods Dogman

One evening back in 2012 we were taking a walk along a common ATV trail in the woods, looking for neat stones and birch branches that had been shed, when we caught this shadow from the corner of our eyes. I joked that maybe it was bigfoot but my husband was concerned it could possibly be a bear, since it was close to hibernation.

It moved a little closer and I could tell it wasn’t a bear (or bigfoot lol!) but what looked like a big, shaggy wolf with dark brown fur all over it’s body. The part that didn’t register at first was that it appeared to be standing on its hind legs like a person, and looking around.