Cranbrook House and Gardens

…The moment I crossed into the room, night had become day. In the room with me was a sandy haired blond boy between 6 & 8 years old wearing a schoolboys uniform from the early 1900’s. The open door was now closed behind me. I could sense the boy was panicked, though he didn’t seem to see me. He tried to open the far door and it became clear that he was locked inside this room, crying for help….

Mysterious “Tree” Creature

…The object or creature was at least 150 yards away so no clear features could be made out but it was a rusty brown color. My girlfriend ever the skeptic insisted that it was a tree I did not think so and pointed out that we had never noticed a tree there before. We continued our walk but it really freaked us out for some inexplicable reason which were it a just a tree would not have been the case. On the way back this thing was still there right out in the open….

The Shifty Bar

I lived in a house that was rumored to be haunted by its previous owner. Built in the 1930s, it had some nice historic features like a kitchen door that swung both ways connecting the kitchen to the living room. Beside this door in the living room was a heavy vintage-style bar/liquor cabinet. One night when I was alone in the house, I went into the kitchen to get some wine, pulling the swinging door closed behind me. When I went to push it open again, the bar had silently shifted about three or four inches over, blocking the door. If the bar had been in that position when I entered the kitchen, the door wouldn’t have closed. I was eventually able to push my way out, but made a point to never close the swinging door again.

“The Whatzit”

In the late 1950’s residents of the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan told stories to their friends and neighbors of seeing a large rat-like creature that walked upright. William Liberman of Huntington Woods said the creature attacked his dog and during the fight “leaped over the fence of the backyard” and vanished into the night. “The Whatzit”, as newspapers called it, was said to have enormous ears and a long tail. Over the course of three weeks it was spotted by a number of witnesses.