Casa de Cultura

…The city and state of Colima are definitely places of high weirdness and I think that many parts of the city and the state can be considered Thin Places due to the number of stories that abound here. Some say that it is due to the proximity of the volcanoes ( The Snow volcano–dormant and the Fire volcano–still active). Some say that there are strong energetic areas both in the city and up towards the volcano, where strange energies can be felt and sometimes even seen in action. The state of Colima has stories ranging from Ghosts to UFOs to time distortions to witchcraft, to energy vectors, you name it!…

Black Eyed Kid Encounter

…She began to feel very afraid and also a bit nauseated. Her instinct told her to get off the sidewalk and let this person pass. Her heart was racing. BUT , as the “person” came closer, she began to get second thoughts. She began to feel like something in her was telling her that her thoughts were silly and that she had no reason to be fearful and that she should continue walking on the sidewalk, which she did, contrary to her instinct….

Hidalgo Theater

…I ran like the wind out of there! BUT it´s not over. I had to return later that evening to talk to someone ( anyone by then) so I returned about 7pm. Again I went up to the stage area, and while there, I saw an old man dressed in a janitor´s outfit come towards me. At first he seemed reluctant, he wouldn´t really look at me ( I was ready to run out of there again!). He finally came close and slowly placed his hand on my shoulder and even gave me a little squeeze, and he said to me–oh, you´re for real. I wasn´t sure if you were really human or not, sorry….

Airport Time Slip

This is just something a little weird that happened to me at the airport. So i was waiting by the gate for them to start boarding us, at around 11 am they made the call saying that they were ready for us to start boarding, the usual, first people with need of help or with small children etc, since i am in zone 3 i figure i’ll go take a piss in the washroom just in front of the gate, i don’t even take 4 minutes to do my business and come out expecting people to start lining up, as i approach the gate i see absolutely no one waiting in line….