North Adams Mystery Gorilla

Years ago, a friend of mine told me about the time he went to a party in Western Massachusetts, and while hanging around his car with a few others he noticed a large hand print on the rear window. I asked him about it recently but he had trouble recalling the details of exactly where it was, but he remembered the hand print clearly. He told me it was huge – easily twice the size of a large man’s hand, with fat fingers – “like Andre the Giant”. He said several others witnessed this, and were all perplexed….

Houghton Mansion Hill

…The Houghton Mansion is the spooky crown jewel of the Berkshires – it was built by the original mayor of North Adams, AC Houghton, in the 1890s. Members of the Houghton family met an unlucky fate in a horrible car accident, while their chauffeur allegedly took his own life days later in the stables and AC died in the home days after that. There are several local tales of the land underneath, and the general area, being a giant hotspot for strangeness….

Martha at the Grafton Inn

The beer delivery guy chuckled, and told me “One day I brought in part of a delivery of beer through the basement bulkhead, and this woman was standing there in the basement. I said hi and turned away – then I realized that she was dressed in weirdly old fashioned clothing, and the basement there isn’t the kind of place you’d just be hanging around. When I turned around to look, she was gone!”…

Dancing Red Light

…It hadn’t really occurred to me at the time, but this rest stop is in fairly close proximity to Leominster State Forest – known by some as “Monsterland” because of the Bigfoot sightings that have been reported there over the years. Ronnie LeBlanc of “Expedition Bigfoot” has a book about it – called “Monsterland” – and in it he recounts stories of red orbs he believes are connected to the Bigfoot phenomena somehow. So was it a Bigfoot related Red Sky Dot? Or was it someone who likes to spend their Sunday and Friday nights pointing a laser pointer at the sky in sub-freezing temperatures? Perhaps a red lit drone of some kind? A light effect from the nearby tower?..,.

Chappaquiddick UFO

Anyways, one night I saw two very unusual lights hovering over Cape Cod that immediately baffled me. I was very familiar with what spot lights on helicopters looked at this distance and it wasn’t even remotely comparable. The two unusual components were their appearance and movement. These balls of light had a ridiculously large diameter considering the distance they appeared to be at (maybe ~10 miles away from me). A light bulb, even a big spotlight, at that distance seems to emit from an immeasurably small diameter to the naked eye. These lights were more like looking at mini moons….

Beachfront Apparition

He neither looked at me nor replied. When I had walked a few more steps, I thought, “What is he — too cool to say hi when we’re the only two on this beach?!” I turned to look with resentment, but he was not there. I tried to figure out — could he have run all the way down to the waves? Was he trying to drown himself, hence the anguish? Baffled, I watched for his Macintosh hat to surface, and when it didn’t, with my brain scrambling for an explanation, I thought: “ghost.”

The Black Flash

Between the years of 1938 and 1945, the Black Flash terrorized the citizens of Provincetown during the off-season for vacationing tourists. This Phantom of Cape Cod’s legend grew through repeated accounts from frightened townspeople who encountered the strange figure. In description, he was reminiscent of the British Spring-Heeled Jack – the Flash was described as being well over 6 feet tall, wearing a black hood and black cape….

Road Phantoms

We took the long way there to allow time for pot smoking, and on the home stretch of Franklin St I saw her – a tall, pale woman with curly hair in a polka dot dress, standing just enough in the road to be alarming. She appeared to be soaked from head to toe and she gazed at us from a tilted forward neck position as we approached. I was holding a hit and had just passed the joint when my friend swerved around her. It took me a second to realize – wait, he saw it too?
“Damn!” He said, “did you see that chick? She’s gonna get hit standing there!”
I informed him that she wasn’t there. At least, she wouldn’t be if we went back. Just another Road Phantom…