Scary Truck

…It gave me enough of a vibe that my previous elated mood dropped a peg or two; it sort of reminded me of the truck from the awful movie Jeepers Creepers. It would have been easy enough to shake off and forget about, but we were less than half a mile from where I saw it when I suddenly realized it was tailgating me. It still had no headlights on, but the read of my rear lights was reflecting off the grill which was mere feet from my rear bumper….

Woman from ‘The Far Side’

When I was younger and a gigging musician, my stage attire often involved a lot of make up. On this particular night, on our way to a show, my face had been painted similarly to how Alice Cooper does his make up. I used to enjoy freaking people out a little; unless the show was happening near Halloween my appearance could be quite a shock to some folks….

Glowing Green Cloud Crashes Party

…The Cedar Swamp area of Westborough provides hiking trails and ample territory for kids to explore. Naturally as kids become teenagers this area becomes a place for hanging out late at night to surreptitiously drink and party. So it was that one night, a group of approximately 15 teenagers converged on a secluded spot in the woods near the railroad tracks in order to have a good time….

The Bomb Shelter

…The darkness down here was dense and tangible. It seemed to consume the light from the hole above. Having just got off the ladder, what I could make out around me were dozens of these small, short white pillars scattered around a shelf next to the ladder. I’d later reach out and pick one up and realize that what I was looking at were the stubs of candles burned down to the last. They were arranged along a shelf carved out of the dirt….

Slush Puppy Ghost

…Puzzling things would happen, such as the paper coffee cups which stood stacked in sleeve near the decanters would jump straight up and float to the floor, landing with a plop sound upside-down. Sometimes the spinning wire rack that held those cards people would buy to put minutes on their cell phones would flutter off the hooks in every direction, giving me an aggravating mess to clean up….