Anomalous Mammal

… After emailing the description to a friend that lives in Northern GA, he suggested what i might of saw was a fisher cat. So i looked the animal up and was shocked to see a striking resemblance to what i saw. The strange part is that the fisher cat’s range is no where near the southeast swamp of Louisiana….

Maison Pierre Lafitte hotel

…While we were there let me say we encountered all kind of stuff… but several cyclones came through on our stay and it scared the lady next door so she left. Even after she left we heard noises all the time and anytime you walked down the hall you felt like you were being watched. We asked the front desk about it and they asked which room we were in and they told us a girl ghost lives in the one next door….

UFO Battle Over the Gulf

…I saw a group of appeared to be 8 to 10 very fast moving lighted moble vehicles in a fairly tight battle with each other chasing and maneuvering away and toward each other. It was visibly hard to tell if there were munitions or other weaponry used. They were very fast in their maneuvering in circular loop type retaliation or aggressiveness toward each other….