The Ghost Barge of Ironbridge

…At its helm, a tall figure stands, often described as wearing old fashioned clothes, or a dark cloak. It sails slowly down the river, and as it gets closer, its cargo is revealed. The ghost barge is often witnessed from the Ironbridge- which gives you a great vantage point to see what it is carrying. It’s believed that on the barge, is row upon row of corpses, piled high….

Steps leading to St Lukes Church

…My grandad signalled his friends, and snook off. They snook out of the churchyard, down to the steep steps that descend down to the Ironbridge itself. They felt triumphant- and in very good spirits as they played their games, knowing fully well they should be in the church service. They played for a short while, without interruption, when all of a sudden it hit them. The atmosphere changed, it felt tight, oppressive. The boys fell silent- just breathing… This is when my grandad heard footsteps behind him….