Growling Man at the Riverwalk

…I chalked it up to a guy practicing for his death metal band, but the odd thing was that he was doing it near a large body of water where sound could travel. My brother and I kept our distance from the guy thinking he was bad news bears, my brother snuck up near him to understand what he was saying. I was told the guy was talking about Satan….

Fleet of UFOs

…When we looked up we noticed lights. A lot of lights. Not planes, because they were moving in lots of different directions, then would change directions on a dime. I would guestimate that there were roughly 30 of them. None of them very close to us, but bright enough that we could see them clearly….

Large White Head

…As I grew older and began talking to my family I discovered that I wasn’t the only person who had strange things happen to them. When either my brother or I was little, as in a toddler or smaller, we would point at the corner of the living room and just cry. My dad said that when he was home alone he could occasionally hear the sound of children out side, our closest neighbor was about a mile away….