Antlered Entity

…I chalked it up to me being tired from it being somewhat late and the dark making my eyes play tricks, but then I saw it the second time at specifically 12:13 am. It was far enough away but whatever it was, it looked in my direction briefly and definitely had eye glow with the little light I wanted to give off that I did from being creeped out, and it most definitely had antlers which is part of what scared me….

Dark Trailer

…There was a rec room built onto the side of the house, and we had our play room there. My brother and I did NOT like to be in there by ourselves. I refused to play in there unless my brother was with me, and vice versa. Our furnace caught fire 2 times while we lived there and once after. I remember the first time. The night before, I was having a hard time walking down the hallway to the bathroom because I was terrified for some reason. Like someone was waiting for me around the corner….

Joliet Ghost

My head was tilted slightly down but I clearly saw someone walk into the little hallway from the living room to the right to the second bedroom on my left; I assumed it was my husband. I hadn’t heard him come home, but was vacuuming so didn’t think that odd – we were, however, still newlyweds and I thought it strange my husband didn’t come over and say hello. I stopped the vacuum and went to the other bedroom – there was no one there. I checked bathroom, living room, kitchen, even closets, I was alone. The door was still locked…..