West Side UFO

…All three were connected and surrounded by black beams. While on the phone with my wife my excitement turned into fear and I did get chills which I rarely get. I have never seen anything like that before or after that night. I have been out fishing and hunting in the middle of nowhere both forest and beaches at night as well….

Walton-DeFuniak Library

…There’s definitely a spooky vibe in the 135-year-old structure. Doors open and close by themselves, books fall from shelves, and phantom footsteps creak across the old wooden floorboards. Prior to being the city’s first paid librarian, Fellows worked with the Ladies’ Library Association, a volunteer organization that founded the library in 1886 with the goal of “elevating the moral and intellectual standing of the community,” according to minutes of their early meetings….

Shadow Person

…I looked up to the hallway in front of me and could clearly see a shadowy figure of a person peeking into the bedroom. It looked like it was mostly in the hall and was peeking in with its head and shoulders visible with the rest of its “”body”” behind the wall. Its shadowy arm was held up on the door frame. It looked just like a human peering into the room as if to check if I was sleeping, but shadowy….

Football Shaped UFO

…”Hey guys, is that a star? Or, like, a helicopter or something?” They joined me in the water to check it out. We were all kind of mesmerized by the star, which not only seemed more dazzling now, but also bigger & closer. It became clear that it was not a star, but the light of some kind of aircraft. It emerged out of the night sky & flew right over us….

Kissimmee Cryptid

…One side of the rode was a neighborhood so houses were lined all the way down and the other side of the rode was just the woods. As we are driving i see something scurrying across the street. And i slowed because i thought it was a dog or something but I couldn’t see the full body all i saw was legs. Everyone was asleep in the car but me and my friend. I quickly asked her if she can see what I’m seeing and we started getting scared because we didn’t know what it was.it was almost the size of a human!…

Not Ellaville?

…We went to St. Mark’s Lighthouse earlier that day, and as we were walking on the beach, these dragonflies appear out of nowhere and hit the ground between us. There was one green one and one blue one, and they seemed to be fighting over the body of a third shriveled-up one. Normally they’re pretty shy bugs, but they were completely unphased by us, and I was able to get really close and take a picture. It felt like some kind of omen…