Lucky Randonaut Excursion

The Randonautica point took us through some bushes, two tawny owls hooted and flew over our heads (this was day time BTW) it felt like another world. We got to the point and looked around we couldn’t find anything obvious at first and we dug around lightly where we stood. My boyfriend went further ahead and found a porcelain pot with some charcoal inside probably some sort of spell… As I was sat down I noticed something poking out the ground! I

Childhood Home

…The eyes were like that, an empty hole with a shadow pupil, I’ve tried to imagine what it’d look like in flesh but something tells me it has never possessed such a form. My household had been in a narcissistic abusive state ever since I was born, but I never knew until around 7 years old. I was lied to for a very long time, but both my Mother and Father. Every memory I have of being under 10 in my household is bad….

The Old “Manager’s House”

…It merely sat there and glowered in its own inimitable manner for over decade, crumbling under its own timetable of decay rather than, as other abandoned building in the area, suffer the vagaries of being used as a den for various activities by kids of all ages.. In the early 1970s a group of us, 13-14 years of age, decided to finally explore the house….