Weird Field

…But I also knew that wasn’t quite right either. The golf course didn’t have a low dip in the bottom and the grass here was long and lush. There was a low stone wall running along the lowest portion of the field and I could also see a wooden gate. I remember really wanting to go touch that wall to see if it was real. I wasn’t sure if I should because this was so odd and I was on a golf ball mission. I was about to get up and run to the wall to touch it when I heard my mom calling me. I turned away from that weird field and took the golf ball that was right on the edge of both places….

Possible Fairy Visitation

…It was a warm July night, and I had my window open to let the cool breeze circulate my room. I recall sleeping well but then being suddenly stirred out of slumber by the most peculiar feeling: something was tickling my feet. I could feel small fingers on the soles of my feet and ankles. I simply shifted my body in response to this, kicking my feet in an attempt to make it stop. I also grumbled. When this happened I heard giggling! I couldn’t believe it. It was a chorus of tiny, sweet, and innocent laughter….