St. James Hotel and Abandoned County Jail

….The night security guard gave us the keys to the abandoned county jail just up the street. (!!!) A group of us trekked up the road in the dark as it began to snow lightly. The jail was just a small stone hut with perhaps 8 cells lined up down a short hall. It looked about like you’d expect. Pitch dark, silent, spiderwebs everywhere. We went into a cell with the other ghost hunters and the leader asked us to close the door and just be silent for a few. I sat down on a metal bench in the cell to make room for everyone. As we sat there, I began to feel a creeping sadness. I kind of just ignored it … but then I really started to feel it. It was just an awful, pure sadness. No anger, no anxiety, just a horrible “I miss my mom” kind of sadness….