Possible UFO

….However, if it was the size of a conventional aircraft, it would have to have been exceptionally high. It honestly looked like a tic-tac. And if it was reflecting the rising sun, it was doing so in a very consistent manner. There was no glare or flash from the sun directed at me from the object. It was clear and there was no blur from motion. There was no sign of a contrail either. Other identifiable conventional jets I observed that day had short contrails….

Joshua Tree UFO

I was camping by myself at the Joshua tree national park and taking long exposure photos in the dark. No one was in the campground with me, and It was around 11:30pm when I saw a flashing circle light in the sky. It sounded like a really quiet passing over me. The sound constantly went off and on and then completely stopped. The long exposure photo of the UFO shows kind of a flare where it flew by and 2 glowing blue circle shapes from where it hovered. There was no background lights from my tent or anywhere around me.

Lucerne Valley Mirage Gas Station

…Nothing seemed off about the store clerk or anything. I just couldn’t believe I found this special root beer, in the desert of all places!. We continued on and went to my cousin’s graduation. Afterwards, I decided we would drive back using the same route so I could buy all of the remaining root beer. I just had to bring that magical beverage back home to NC with me. I drove up and down this rural desert road 3 times. The stone gas station wasn’t there! I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I had taken a wrong turn I thought. No way. There was only one road! I have since been back to the area 3 times. I literally asked every local I ran into about it. I always received the same answer. THERE IS NO STONE GAS STATION!