…You have to turn a blind corner when you do so. And, as I turned this corner, I was met with a pair of eyes. These eyes were already staring directly and intensely into mine when I turned the corner – as if they had already been seeing me through the wall….

Strange Encounter in Venice

…Then one night several weeks later the traffic slowed and I took a good look towards that walkway. And I realized I couldn’t see it. Not just that it was too dark or that a car stood in the way (there were no cars in the dirt lot), I mean I couldn’t *see* it. Something blocked it. I had driven past the property by the time that registered, and that part of Pacific isn’t friendly to people stopping and backing up. Too much traffic, not enough parking to pull over, and besides, I needed to get home. I decided that I’d try to remember to give it a better look the next night, but it was actually several days before I looked again. There was definitely a gate blocking the view of the walkway, but it didn’t look like a new gate. I thought, “Well, it must have been open when I stopped here that time.”…

Tea w/Leota – St Mary Catholic Cemetery

…We find their grave. I had a thermos with tea, and her cup & saucer in my purse. I sat there and poured a cup of tea and watched out the corner of my eye as the lawn mower went by, feeling like fraud or paranoid that her kid will come by or something. It was powerful and pure once I let my anxieties down and just sat there and hung out. I poured a cup for her. No spookies. No ghosts or ghouls. Just pure human connection….

Weird Hijinks at the Guardians

I was driving down the national trails highway (route 66) from Beatty, NV where I had slept in a rest stop overnight. I noticed this strange statue in the sand to the side of the highway near Amboy, CA but kept going. Once I saw the second same statue a bit down the road I decided to pull off and take pictures. There were 2 large stone foo dogs (.4 mile apart) facing toward the mountains, desert and caves across the highway. The dirt around the statues was torn up like someone had made a labyrinth like path around the property between the two statues with a truck. I took photos and when I got service a bit down the road (once I got to the only gas station for miles) I posted them online. I started driving toward Joshua Tree, right as I passed the chloride mines I decided to pull off again to find my cigarettes, I checked my twitter and was told I should post my findings on this site. That’s where the story really begins….