Haunted Condo

…It wasn’t a particularly hot day so the ac wasn’t on and I had only just got up so I hadn’t opened any windows either. But I noticed the linen closet door start to move. It very slowly swayed back and forth about an inch or two. I froze mid eyeliner stroke and stared. My blood turned to ice bc I was trapped. I knew I’d have to walk right to the moving door to get out of the bathroom. I gathered my courage and threw down the eyeliner, slammed the linen door shut and tan out of the house to my friend’s condo on the other side of the complex….

Strange Morning in Santa Barbara

…The plan didn’t work exactly as they had thought it would. He had an idea. Something that he believed would work. He was sure of it. The situation at hand was unexpected but all it did was delay them for a couple of minutes. It’s not that big of a deal. We kept walking as if everything was normal. We didn’t even see her. She stayed where she was and watched. She didn’t know what her next order would be. He told her to wait and be ready so that is what she did. This was something that they never encountered before. They was curious about us….

Cemetery Time Slip

…I couldn’t find Joe and Marta’s headstones: I remember them being right next to the gate and being incredibly easy to find. I searched for that entire extra hour and never found them, even though they should have been right there, by the main path. Who we did find was my spouse’s great Aunt Alice’s headstone. That was cool because my wedding ring was made with diamonds from her wedding ring….

Mt. Konocti

There has long been tales of strangeness surrounding Mount Konocti, the most notable being similar to its more famous Northern cousin, Mt Shasta: stories of a cave system below it where spirits are said to live. There are legends of seeing lights & even physical flying craft coming out of the mountain, and it is said that the local Pomo tribe used to leave offerings in the caves, which historically were more accessible prior to a landslide….

Ghost Aircraft

…This area I’m referring to is very much towards the aft end of the whole ship just below an area called the fan tail. Out of no where came the sudden sound of what seemed to be a propeller based aircraft. I’m talking loud and getting fucking louder. Like 120 decibels fucking loud. There was another woman in the group who I did not know in the compartment. I looked at her and yelling to overcome the sound I asked if she could hear it. She replied no and as soon as she said no the sound stopped….