UFO Sighting

…I was driving back to the capital by the Estrada da Guia (MT-010), when the UFO sighting occurred, inside the car were me, my mother and three other friends, the road a little winding and with gentle hills, but even with this change of view did not interfere with what we saw, for a distance of about 15 km we saw a point of white light next to a cloud near the horizon, but it was clear that it was in front of the cloud, close to us, for the winding road has given us this perspective….

A Thin, Long, Grey Arm

“…At night we can hear heavy noises inside the woods (we are thinking of being a person, but the thing moves very fast where there are no trails, sometimes climbing trees and etc). After leaving one day with me and other friends at 2 am, we were followed from inside and the thing ended up stopping right in front of my house, and since then the noises get closer….”

Lights in the Sky

Quando eu era mais novo, durante mito tempo via luzes estranhas no céu, poderiam falar que era satélite, ou outras coisas que normalmente vemos no céu, porem as luzes que eu via, se movimentavam em forma de zig zag e sempre bem rápidas. Depois que fiquei adulto me mudei e não tive mais notícias sobre essas luzes.