Lights in the Sky

Quando eu era mais novo, durante mito tempo via luzes estranhas no céu, poderiam falar que era satélite, ou outras coisas que normalmente vemos no céu, porem as luzes que eu via, se movimentavam em forma de zig zag e sempre bem rápidas. Depois que fiquei adulto me mudei e não tive mais notícias sobre essas luzes.

The Virgin of Lages

…At that time a single woman had become pregnant. As soon as the child was born the woman drowned the child in the lake. The demon received the child’s death as an offering. He became a serpent and came to live into and to curse the whole river. His head is in the pond and his tail is along the river….

Spinning Ship

…I woke up thinking about three hours with a terrible discomfort, opened my eyes and saw something that left frozen, a huge bright ship spinning slowly over us I tried to shout to my colleagues but when I turned my face to see if they were there seeing that with me I had no one, I tried to get up but I couldn’t move, my body was totally paralyzed….