Sleeping Doppelganger

…As time passed things started to happen, small things first like seeing “something” in a corner and then seeing the dogs running to that same place to bark, noises with no reason and the feeling of something is around was more frequent so at every time you feel like someone was peeking over your shoulder, but it was not more than that until that one night. We had a king-size bed and we normally slept in the middle of it, that night I was having a hard time sleeping, for no particular reason, at one point I woke up and went to drink some water maybe around 1 am and all was good, fall asleep and then again around 2 am I woke up again and thirsty I went to get some more water and after some steps, I look back to the bed and to my surprise, I saw my GF and also myself there….

Very Weird Morning

…. So before starting off to work again I queued up the next podcast to run after this finished, because it was almost done. I stop to get coffee about the time the first podcast finishes, get back in the car and the next podcast starts, but its not the one that I queued up, but instead one about ‘reptilians’ which was weird because i hadnt even looked at that podcast or episode and was actually trying to avoid it because i find the whole concept too ridiculous….

Ouija Board Mystery (CW – Violence)

…By mid afternoon we were pretty bored and someone had the idea to bring out a Ouija board. I’d never used one before and had no idea what to expect. So I didn’t understand how unusual it was that it kept spelling out the word “help.” We studied each other’s faces trying to sus out if someone was moving the planchette. I still remember the frightened looks in my friends’ eyes. We didn’t know what to do with that word so we asked questions and it spelled out answers. Piece by piece a picture emerged….