Namozine Church

…As we were driving away, we both felt an energy being pulled out of our backs. It’s very hard to explain but it felt like something was attempting to pull us back and it was pulling us by our “spirit”. Again, I’m a medium. I’ve had weird experiences my whole life. I’ve completed many investigations. I’ve never had this experience prior or since. I’ve no idea of what it was or what it means. Aliens? Vampire like? Earth force? Dimension switch? I don’t know. We don’t know….

Grey Humanoid

…There have been footsteps heard in the woods around the house that sound bipedal and don’t match any of the local wildlife for years. A few weeks after the sighting a tree was found with markings similar to when a deer rubs its antlers and peels the bark off but it was approx. 9 feet up….

Freaky Fly

…Cue to this morning when I go to use the bathroom. There where some dead flies in the toilet on the TP and a few floating in the bowl, also dead. I leaned in closer because there was a fruit fly that had sank the the bottom of the bowl/ tank, and it was actually walking underwater….