Liminal Ambassadors

Meet our Liminal Ambassadors!

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Christopher Bilbee
Directeur Attaché, Belgium (and Sometimes Oklahoma)

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1972, and spent my toddler years in a haunted house. I started writing poetry when I was eight, and have been interested in forteana since i can remember. I cook for a living. In 2011 I moved permanently to Belgium, but i still miss my family, American breakfast cafes, and Taco Bell.

The Desert Prophet
Head Archivist, Liminal Utah

The Desert Prophet is an artist, designer, storyteller, and the mouthpiece of the Desert God in the Great Basin. She is intensely curious and interested in natural history, religion, and folklore. She is currently acting as Head Archivist of Liminal Utah to record the strange happenings of this magic land.

Kiki Dombrowski
Head Chronicler, Tennessee and Environs

Writer with a MA in Medieval English. Always exploring mythology, sacred destinations, high strangeness, supernatural events, witchcraft, and divination.

Alisha Landreth
Director of Liminal Neighborhood Relations, Central Georgia

The Devil went down to Georgia, and that is also where Alisha and her family decided to settle, until the heat is no longer bearable. She is mom to two little's, married to her husband of 10 yrs, animal parent to a dog, cat, and rabbit, and a student by night. She is earning a degree in history, and will follow up with an MLIS to be an archivist, restoration specialist, and genealogist. With a lifetime of strange phenomena following her around, she is used to most anything supernatural. She is neighbors with some horses and a cemetery dating back to the 1800's, there are plenty of weird things happening every week. Does not like horror movies, but seriously enjoys down to earth hunters of the paranormal. Also hates pickles, but likes relish. Husband thinks shes weird, he's right. Leo 80% of the time, loyal, odd humor, laughs at every inappropriate moment, and the number 8 rules her life.

Omi Salavea
Formal Expeditionary Librarian, North Carolina

I'm a Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager for multiple YouTube entities. Social Media Management and Social CRM has pretty much encompassed the past decade of my life. My interests range from photography to Youtube. I'm passionate about hiking, travel, and creating an authentic environment to share experiences. Currently, I host the CreepGeeks Podcast, a weird news and tech podcast that explores the strange, the paranormal, and the flat out weird in our world.

Duncan Saunders
Chief Flaneur, London and SE England

Ahoy! I'm based in the south of England. The British isles is an amazing layer cake of local history. Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Mendicants, Inklings and Engineers have all contributed to the fabric of the landscape, and their roads, pathways and place-names are in regular daily use by everyday people. Outside Rome it's the most multi-temporal space in the world. 

Sara Schick
Consul General, At-Large

Sara Schick, Consul General At-Large, has settled down just north of Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter. Never one to do anything in half measures, Sara is the guardian to many felines, an insane Chihuahua Terrier and a hedgehog named Lydia Deets. One part Johnny Knoxville, one part Skeletor and one part large golden retriever puppy and one MORE part Skeletor combine for a wild ride with this General.  In spare time, when she's not yelling about literally anything on Twitter or doing "Witch Stuff", she's crafting cursed repaints or scouring thrift stores for potentially haunted items and resin "vomit folk art." She also knows her way around a tool box and only fears grasshoppers, heights, the Trump Administration and Other Clowns.

Ashley Smith
Deputy Manager of the Office of Liminality

Professional podcaster, amateur cryptozoologist, and lifelong weirdo. Spends her time lurking around the dark corners of the internet in search of strange stories and even stranger people. Grew up 45 minutes away from Area 51, but now calls Seattle home.

Holly Smith
Geographer Prime, Southern Indiana and Surroundings

GIS professional by day, weirdo by night. I have a background in archaeology and spent a short stint in the legal field. Had an interest in the unusual, paranormal, and high strangeness since childhood. Affinity for maps and old books. Interests also include meditation and exploring Hypnagogia.

A.P. Strange
Deputy Liaison to the Office of Liminal Compliance, Massachusetts & Environs

A. P. Strange, also known as Aficionado Prodigiosus, Purveyor of Fine Strangeness, is an amateur researcher of all things weird hailing from Central Massachusetts. He sometimes writes his thoughts on a website - - and has a near obsessive book-buying habit. He is a Discordian and a Flying Saucer enthusiast.