Lucid Dream in Ely

…That night, I had a lucid dream of an old army buddy. It was pleasant dream where we took some time to catch-up. But what was unusual was the fact he was wearing corporal stripes on his sleeve, a rank he hadn’t worn in probably 15 years. And he was wearing a Vietnam era olive drab uniform. Which was unusual, and we spent some time in the dream as to why he was wearing that….

Bird-masked Entity at Saint-Barthélémy

…On the night between the 12 and 13 of September 2019, the sound of a door being closed could be heard, followed by a dim light moving behind every window. The phenomenon lasted for about 4 hours, from 10pm to 2am. Witnesses later described a humanoid entity wearing a frilled shirt with suspenders on black pants, along curly, long blond hairs. The most curious feat of the entity was their larval* mask resembling a bird from the Halcyon….

Wichita Vortex Dog

…I wanted her to come with me on her own free will. I heard her stop and I turned around. We looked each other in the eye and she basically indicated to me she had to go. She turned around and dog trotted east on the sidewalk/path, back toward the trees we came from. I thought okay, maybe she belongs to someone. I took only a few steps and realized it was quiet suddenly. I can’t explain the energy shift. I thought maybe she changed her mind and stopped walking. I turned, and she was gone….