…At the time I had a shaved head but this other me had longer hair. I looked myself right in the face. But the other me didn’t see me. She just kept walking. The main reason I recognized myself is because of the sweatshirt this other me had on. It was a custom made bright yellow crew neck sweatshirt that a friend of mine had made fo me. One of a kind. And there was no way somebody else other than me was wearing it….

Lincoln Park Weirdness

…Then i hear a loud charging sound heading towards me not charging from the ground but from tree to tree I look to my right see what appears to be an outlining of 4 people I toss the last of my water towards them and still hear bye charging meanwhile fireworks are going off and my friends where yelling at the entrance area I’m not hearing anything I’ve been in the dark grabbing branches not there getting cut up this large sounding mystery thing is charging at me it’s been 1.5 hours plus I decided to hurt myself at where the charging noise is coming from and going Southeast I should have been way out of lincoln park, and yet, I finish my tumble at the very beginning where I went up to go and pee!…

Missing Day

…Once we were done, we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather, which we did. Mind you, we were there around a usual lunch time in the spring, around 1PM. We noticed the sun going down quicker than usual, and attributed this to be from us enjoying our time that we had just lost track of it. When the sun fully went down, we decided to leave and go back to a friend’s house. Once we got there, they were relieved to see us….

Cranbrook House and Gardens

…The moment I crossed into the room, night had become day. In the room with me was a sandy haired blond boy between 6 & 8 years old wearing a schoolboys uniform from the early 1900’s. The open door was now closed behind me. I could sense the boy was panicked, though he didn’t seem to see me. He tried to open the far door and it became clear that he was locked inside this room, crying for help….