Airport Time Slip

This is just something a little weird that happened to me at the airport. So i was waiting by the gate for them to start boarding us, at around 11 am they made the call saying that they were ready for us to start boarding, the usual, first people with need of help or with small children etc, since i am in zone 3 i figure i’ll go take a piss in the washroom just in front of the gate, i don’t even take 4 minutes to do my business and come out expecting people to start lining up, as i approach the gate i see absolutely no one waiting in line….

Unexpectedly Short Commute

I clocked out at work (actual time stamped card) and drove home. This drive was 45 min to 60 min depending on traffic. This day I got home saw the clock on the stove and got a very sick feeling to my stomach. I asked my adult daughter “what time is it”? She said the same time as on the stove clock. I paced around for a good hour freaking out. I should not have been there, it was only about 10 min since I left my work….

Memorial Bridge Portal

As wee reached the center of the bridge my friend and my daughter were looking our over the bridge (looking north) and suddenly told me to “look at that!” There was a bright white light hovering midair pretty much lined up with the bridge about half a city block out from the bridge itself. This light was roughly 5 feet in circumference and as our attention was directed at it, it started opening up in the center. my first thought was “omg that’s a wormhole! a dimensional portal!” It kept spinning and expanding til it opened up roughly 4 times its size,

The Diner

Due to a car accident I was stuck in Decatur, Illinois for a few days while repairs were made. During the four days I was stranded I walked to and ate at a diner twice. On the day my car was finally fixed I decided to go to the diner for one last meal. I drove around for an hour and could not find the diner….