Lake Willoughby Hotspot

…Lake Willoughby is regarded by many as just plain mystical. It’s formation is even the subject of spirited research, and research has continued to this day. My parents were Coastguardsmen, and as a young couple, went diving in this lake. This is no small feat. Lake Willoughby is one of the deepest lakes in New England, even though it’s so small. The reason for that is the bottom is incredibly craggy, and uneven. There is no true lakebed towards the center…. Just a field of large, rocky, stalagmite structures. Sonar imaging proves this. The true “depth” is not really known as a result, just approximations….

Bobtown Time Slip

…We had many times driven through Bobtown, a nearby unincorporated coal town, for its creepy ambiance on our night drives. This night was particularly overcast & foggy so we decided to keep with that tradition, stay off the highway, and take the longer, spookier route to Pittsburgh. So we set off from Friend B’s house through Bobtown, one of us commenting that perhaps we were in the mists of Ravenloft, as the fog had suddenly become very dense! We proceeded through the town slowly, noting the almost false-seeming stillness of the town and soon after emerged…. right outside Pittsburgh….

Medford Time Slip

…The street signs were right, but nothing looked familiar. I drove in big squares, turning left at each cross street, but nothing looked right. Mind you, even if I wasn’t familiar with this area, I shouldn’t have gotten lost. Within a turn or two I should have dumped out on one of our main streets. Again, the names were right, just not the place….

Strangeness on the Iron Bear-Teanaway Ridge

…I tend to walk with my gaze locked on the trail near my feet to look for wildflowers, but I was struck with the urge to look across the ridge at the section of the trail we would be walking on once we crossed the bend. As I glanced at the trail in the distance, I was struck with a fancy of seeing doppelgängers of myself and my husband walking on the other trail….

I-5 Time or Spatial Distortion

…We parked outside her place to finish our cigarettes and talk about the experience. That was when we realized we had a little more than half of our cigarettes still left to smoke! We were both completely sober, and not particularly fatigued or tired that night. I was not speeding as I don’t speed, and I had an annoying OBD2 device plugged into my car, recording my speed and location, in order to get lower insurance rates….

The Lost 40

…It’s a nice hike for a family with a 4 year old and a husband who has to be convinced to go in the first place. The place had a special feeling to me in general, almost dreamlike. We had a great time taking side trails and seeing where they take us before eventually making our way to the midway point. On our way back we got to a place that felt special. We had past one group earlier but there was no one around us. The sun was shining through the giant trees. I took out my phone to take a video, to capture the weirdness in the moment. I felt very deja vu like and was focusing the camera on my daughter skipping ahead. All the sudden my phone died and wouldn’t turn back on…..