The Hermitage of Saint Saturnin

…The first, in the Hermitage, where energy orbs were observable both in digital cameras and the naked eye, paired with a heavy feeling of dread and despair. Inside the Hermitage, there was also a burnt carcass of a goat hanging from the ceiling. The second ocurrence took place inside the Peninha Chapel, where I met a local guide who explained the history of the site and indicated that the Holy Grail’s resting place was indeed somewhere tucked under the rocks under this very Chapel….

Literal Vortex

…The pin dropped not far from my house, in what looked on the map to be a forested area, but when I arrived I saw there is a path leading off the road into the woods, straight towards the pin, so in a went. To the right there is a small stream/creek and going a little ways in, right by the Randonaut pin I encountered a small pond on the left of the path. I could see that normally this was a runoff ditch that would pass through a tube under the path and drain into the creek on the other side, but at the time the tube was clogged up by dirt and debris and only a small amount was making its way under. The result was a small persistent standing whirlpool in the pond, also known in fluid dynamics as… a vortex!…